Outline programme 2017

A number of general and more specific issues, touching upon several topical subjects, will be dealt with during the summer school.

For the 2017 edition teaching will in particular focus on the following four areas:

  1. Introductory notions
    • International Law of the Sea: Foundations, Recent Trends and Developments
    • EU and the Law of the Sea: From UNCLOS 1992 to the Integrated Maritime Policy of the EU
    • The International and European Institutional Framework
    • Brexit and the Law of the Sea
    • Dispute Settlement in the Law of the Sea: Global and Regional Approaches
    • International and EU Law of the Sea: Coherence or Conflict?
  2. Individuals at Sea
    • Human Rights at Sea in General
    • Right of Protest at Sea
    • Human Trafficking by Sea
    • Migration by Sea
    • Principles of Labour Law Applicable to Seafarers
  3. Safety, Security and Marine Environmental Protection
    • Maritime Safety in International and EU Law
    • Maritime Piracy
    • Marine Environmental Law: Current Trends
    • Ships Recycling
    • The Use of Satellite Techniques in the Enforcement of the Law of the Sea
  4. Maritime Delimitation and Related Issues [ NEW ! ]
    • Delimitation in the Law of the Sea in General
    • Case study: the “North Sea Continental Shelf” Case
    • Case study: the France/Italy Agreement of 2015
    • Dispute Settlement and Delimitation in the Law of the Sea
    • Study visit to the Italian Navy’s Hydrographic Institute

Each of the above four modules will be covered during two days of lectures, after which a practical activity (group work) will be held to test the knowledge and the skills acquired.

[ NEW ! ] A fifth subject of interest in the context of this year’s offering will be blue growth, which will be approched in tho half-day sessions of Friday 1 and Friday 8 September. The morning of Friday 1 will be devoted to a workshop entitled “The External Aspects of Blue Growth: Economic, Policy, Legal and Practial Perspectives” to be held at the main building of the University of Genoa. On the morning of Friday 8 lectures will be offered on seabed mining, the regime of genetic resources at sea and biodiversity protection in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Please note that the list of subjects and speakers is subject to amendments until confirmed as final.
The official flyer of the 2017 edition of the summer school is now available for download

The detailed programme of the 2017 edition of the summer school is now available for download (subject to corrections and amendments until confirmed as final)

The flyer of the EULoS workshop on the external aspects of blue growth has now been released

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