Third Edition of EULoS is Now Over … But Whatch This Space for New Initiatives

Certificates of attendance to the 2017 edition of the EULoS summer school were handed over on Friday in the Aula Magna of the University of Genoa. A big “thank you!” to all who organized, taught and learned and made this event a success: we now have 19 more EULoS alumni and 19 more friends around the globe to look forward to seeing again, sooner or later!

This brings the EULoS Jean Monnet Module to an end, but the summer school will go on thanks to the Jean Monnet Chair on “International and European Law of the Sea” granted to the University of Genoa for the three year period 2017-2020. So, stay tuned to our social channels on Facebook and Twitter and visit our website regularly to be sure that you are up to date with our initiatives!

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